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How to train your cat to use its backpack?

A new backpack for the cat will feel strange and not suited, how can the cat to eliminate this feeling of tension, so that the cat faster to adapt to the new backpack it?
A lot of cats first entered the backpack which has not adapted to Texsens backpack We recommend not to pull the zipper.
First of all, you can prepare toys or some snacks with a familiar smell for the cat and put it in a backpack that helps the cat to feel a bit more comfortable in the new environment. When cats come into contact with these familiar things, it can effectively relieve their tension and inadaptation. Don't force cats to touch new things. Should give the cat some time, so that it can slowly know, little by little to understand these strange things.
Let the cat calm down, reduce its aggressiveness, appease its cranky heart, so that it wil not desperately Scratching the net.


Cleaning and maintenance

  • Backpack cleaning: 
    1.Empty the backpack, take out the items in the backpack and the storage bags on both sides and the pads in the backpack, and use a vacuum cleaner to suck up the dust and garbage hidden in the seams. 
    2.Wipe off the dust and garbage that is easy to remove on the surface of the backpack by hand, and then wipe the surface of the backpack with a damp cloth (please note not to rinse it directly with a faucet or wash it with a washing machine).
  • Pad cleaning:
    Separate the cover of the pad from the board inside. 
    The cover can be hand washed or machine washed directly. 
    Wipe the surface of the inner board with a damp rag, and dry it in a cool and ventilated place after wiping.