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TEXSENS is focused on developing products that bring comfort and convenience to your pet's outdoor travel. Founded in 2015, texsens.com specializes in unique products and solutions for pets, dogs, cats, birds, small animals, etc. Through 5 years of endeavor, we have been well approved in the market and grown into a comprehensive company devoted to R&D, design, manufacture, and brand marketing. By far, we have such a strong team:


    I am used to walking my cat. But last time we saw a big dog on the sidewalk (regular, dogs walk too) and my cat TOOK OFF TOWARDS THE DOG. She is too friendly for her own good. And while the dog was too shocked and friendly to be bothered because there was a tiny speedball running towards her, I realized I could not just walk her around my building anymore. So... The bag is helpful. We go to the farmers market, she's comfy, the bottom allows her to make biscuits and be happy and I don't have to stress about the nearby dogs. I still walk her, where it's definitely safe.
    I can't believe how much our Jack Russell loves this--He doesn't want to get out after he's been in! As he's gotten older, longer walks/ hikes are harder and he has been slowing down. I've been researching different carriers for him for over a year, and this is exactly what we needed. At 15-18 pounds, a sling bag would have put too much pressure on my shoulders (i'm 5', for reference) , and he's a weird size--technically a small dog, but his girth and weight teeter him into the small-medium range. The backpack is lightweight and folds nearly flat, but has a solid bottom, and the mesh keeps him from overheating. It's comfortable on my shoulders. The only thing I might add is some kind of padding for where the base of the back hits my hips. Otherwise, couldn't be happier with this purchase.
    I have an approx 7 pound male short haired cat. He fits comfortably inside laying, but I did think there would be a little more head room for him to stand. Now that he is used to being inside of it, I keep the window unzipped to give him more space and allow him to look around as he pleases. I do recommend having your pet in a harness if you intend to open the window. There is a strap inside to connect to the harness so they cannot jump out, as he has tried to do a couple of times. The first time he was inside of it he was confused as he is an indoor cat and didn't understand what was happening, but by our second outing he was all about it, and has climbed into the backpack on his own. Overall I am very happy with this purchase and would definitely buy again.
    My main goal with getting this backpack was allowing my kitten to see everything around him. Some of the other backpacks I tried had too much mesh and solid panels and obscured his view. Also it obscured my view of him and I like to be able to see how he's doing. He was about 4 1/2 months when I first got this and now he's about 6 months old. It worked really well when he was smaller. Now that he's growing up, it is a bit of a squeeze to get him into the pack. But once he's in, he's comfortable. I also really like the large round air holes. I can poke my finger in and pet him and interact. It's my go-to carrier for him even now that he's older because it's so easy for me to carry him while carrying other times. He has a full view of his surroundings and it has good airflow. I known one day I'll have to retire it when he gets too big, but if they decided to make a larger size I would buy it again in a second!
    I mainly bought this backpack for Rambo since he is getting tired on his walks now and carrying him with my nerd noodle arms wasn't ideal. It works for him since he can lay down in the backpack and he can get the rest he needs while I can go walk some more to our destinations. He can also poke his head when we leave the zipper down, so he won't feel too cramped and probably greet whoever might be behind me, lol. There is also a latch for harnesses inside the backpack, so I don't have to worry about him jumping out if he sees a running child or another dog to chase.
    Remi on the other hand is growing by the day. It was perfect when we first got her and didn't have any harnesses for her yet. Made Grooming and Vet visits super easy! However, she is now getting too big for it so we will discontinue using it for her.
    Overall, I am satisfied with this purchase!
    Mariela Santos
    I've been looking for a better way for my son to carry his guinea pig around, as he doesn't like wearing a sling and prefers to be sitting when he holds her directly. This fit the bill to a tee.

    Let me start off by saying that I love that it unzips to flat. It's going to make cleaning it soooo easy.

    There are two mesh windows on the sides, which he loved because "it means she'll get loads of fresh air". The front is clear plastic and it unzips separately. The top is plastic with those big air holes, so yeah, more fresh air. It came with two bottom pieces: a sturdy cardboard wrapped in plastic (that's how it felt) and a softer brown tighter mesh one. Since they're not attached, they'll be super easy to keep clean, too. There's a clip attached to a lanyard inside, not sure what for, but I'm sure we'll figure it out eventually.

    Overall, it was sturdy enough that the bottom didn't bow at all with our floof baguette in it, and it's pretty, too. We will be using it a lot, and he recommends it to all the piggie parents out there.
    Connie L. Huth